Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who's under these ears?

I'm sure you're all aware that we're coming up on Easter. I really do love this time of blooming, pastel colored clothes, dying easter eggs, etc... I love shopping for new Easter dresses for the girls and I've enjoyed picking out a little "man" outfit for Andy. This of course brings me to the point of this blog.
I was in the mall earlier this week looking for an outfit for Andy. After an hour in The Children's Place going back and forth on the decision of, blazer or vest and bow-tie or long tie? I finally decided on a cute pastel striped sweater vest, khaki's and no tie. Although I did purchase a long tie because it was too cute to leave on the shelf. Anyway, I made my purchase and left to leave. Well, on the way to the exit we pass by the "oh so tantalizing" Easter bunny display scene in the middle of the mall. Peyton immediately aks, "OH, Mommy can we got see the Easter bunny?" Emily is not so sure about the whole idea, but I reluctanly say "yes". So off we go. Here it "moms" know exactly what I'm talking about...the "picture pressure" sale. We make our way around the cute little bunnies strategically placed in and around the fake garden of tulips, only to meet up with a mother's worst nightmare! The "picture package" displayed on the easel.
Let me just say, I'm all for a little "frivolous" spending every once and a while, but these "packaged" deals are CRAZY!!!

Easter Bunny Picture Pricing

"Ultimate " Bunny package--- 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, 4 wallets and a keychain ($49.95)

"Almost Ultimate" Bunny package---2 5x7's, 4 wallets ($39.95)

"Not so Ultimate" Bunny package---1 5x7 ($25.95)

"You must really not love your child" Bunny package---4 wallets ($16.95)

WHO'S UNDER THESE EARS? Is it Bill Gates or G.W. Bush? Why should we have to fork over $25 bucks for a 5x7 of our child sitting on the lap of some dude in an old smelly, matted bunny costume. Why do you think half of the kids are screaming "NO mommy, No,!
I dread these seasonal mall excursions for this reason. I hate having to tell my kids, "No, I'm sorry but Mommy doesn't have an extra arm to give to these nice "minimum paid" picture taking people. I'll work on growing another one so that next time you won't have to miss out on what would be a great memorable childhood experience." Does anyone else get the "look" from the bunny photographer that says, "your waisting my time if you just want to let your child sit on the bunny." It makes me so mad! I mean truly, how much does it cost them to take a picture print it out on horrible photo paper and put it in a paper frame. (that's only if the pic is a 5x7 or bigger) If you opt for the "you must really not love your child" package you don't even get the frame. And if you don't feel horrible enough for declining the great picture package deals they have they make it worse by not even allowing your child to have the plastic pinwheel that the Easter bunny is handing out. Apparently only the kids whose parents really love them get those. God forbid they waste one plastic pinwheel on a "pictureless" kid!

Don't worry I haven't left you!

I am still here in blogland, I've just been a little distracted this week. We've had some interesting things happen to us and we've been trying to take it all in. Jimmy was contacted last friday about a new job opportunity here in Denver. We have been going back and forth all week as to what we are going to do. It has actually turned into a very hard decision. We have been praying about it and seeking the Lord for wisdom in this process. We basically have until Monday to decide. So...I apologize for the lack of blogging on my part. Don't worry I've got some ideas for my next entry, so come back soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Well, I've decided to get my lazy butt in gear and lose some weight. I've taken up jogging. And at 6:30 in the morning! Am I crazy? Don't answer that!
As you all know I have three wonderful children who have managed to completely destroy my girlish figure in the past 5 years. I am officially "ticked" off when I look in the here I go. I'm gonna exercise. I've put it off long enough.
I attempted bike riding last fall, but didn't make it a week. I bought the water bag thingy that you can wear like a backpack and sip water through the giant straw that stretches from the bag down to your mouth. (I think it's called a "Camelback") Anyway, obviously you have to have a master's degree to use those because all I managed to do was get my new workout clothes soaking wet. When I got home from my first bike ride I was dripping wet. Not from sweat, but from the 5 cups of undrinkable water that had not made it to my mouth. I tried riding with the straw in my mouth but, seeing as I'm not a camel, I couldn't swallow the constant flow of dispensing water fast enough. Have you ever known someone to drown while riding a bike? I think it might be possible folks! Does anyone know how to use these things?
If the whole "drowning" experience wasn't enough to scare me away from the horrid world of "staying fit", the altitude was. The words "high altitude" never meant much to me as I was running barefoot in the woods of East Texas growing up. Now that I am a Colorado resident they mean more than you know! This little southern girl is gasping for air on a regular basis! I can barely walk down the street without stopping to take a breather. It's rough! I know, I know, I've been here for close to three years now, but it still takes a toll on me when I attempt to do anything strenuous.
I don't know how long this "jogging" thing will last, but I'm hoping I can keep it up for at least a few months. My plan is to jog, MWF and do weights T, TH,Sat. We'll see how it goes! I do however have a new toy that I think will help me in my motivation. Can you say MP3? Oh, yeah, so cool! I loaded that baby up last night with "jogging" music. It helps so much with the boredom of staring at the pavement.
Well, wish me luck! Here goes nothin'!

Just changing my pic

This entry is dedicated to changing my "profile" pic. Sorry if I got anyone excited, thinking they were about to read another "life changing" blog from Mel. I'll be posting a new entry later when my kids are unconscious. See ya!