Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't worry I haven't left you!

I am still here in blogland, I've just been a little distracted this week. We've had some interesting things happen to us and we've been trying to take it all in. Jimmy was contacted last friday about a new job opportunity here in Denver. We have been going back and forth all week as to what we are going to do. It has actually turned into a very hard decision. We have been praying about it and seeking the Lord for wisdom in this process. We basically have until Monday to decide. So...I apologize for the lack of blogging on my part. Don't worry I've got some ideas for my next entry, so come back soon.


Caci said...

I am glad you are back...I am sorry you are bored if that is why you picked that picture. I will devote a post to you as soon as I get some good dirt on you....see Windy did not know I would let you all in on her dirty refrigerator secret! That's not true entirely, she saw me take the pictures, but anyway, I am thinking of something for you!!!! Just be on the you go to my site? I know I don't keep it very up to date but I try. I will be keeping you in my prayers about the job.

Melissa said...

I'm not bored, I posted that pick because I haven't been able to post anything worth looking at all week. I go to your site at least twice a day. I love checking in on everybody. Keep em comin'!

Caci said...

Hey, well I am glad you got a free pic of the bunny! did they try to take your camera? hahahaha