Monday, April 03, 2006

Just changing my pic

This entry is dedicated to changing my "profile" pic. Sorry if I got anyone excited, thinking they were about to read another "life changing" blog from Mel. I'll be posting a new entry later when my kids are unconscious. See ya!


Wonderful Windy said...

LOOK, You've still got them! The BIG ONES.....Dimples that is, hehehe! Your hair looks very pretty.

Melissa said...

yeah, i've still got them. i just started doing my hair different today. thanks. i was straightening it, but it was gettting old. i had to try something new.

Caci said...

I cut my bangs to try something new...just haven't taken a pic of it yet..also I let Windy highlight it. She did a great job, but the Wal-Mart stuff just isn't good enough. Also, you are still drugging your kids? I thought that was just for trips. HAHAHAHAHA