Monday, April 30, 2007

Helping hand

True Story:

After dropping the girls off at school this morning, Andy and I were off to run some errands. I have a lot of "to do" things this week in preparation for birthdays and such. So, one of our last stops was the grocery store.

I try to limit my grocery excursions to once every two weeks, so you can imagine how my buggy looks on shopping days. For a family of five the buggy can fill up real fast.

Well, today was no different. I had that buggy maxed out! I don't think I could have fit one more item. I guess I could have tried balancing something on Andy's nose, but I doubt he would have liked that. One of the last things I had to pick up (with an already full buggy) was a new crock pot of all things. What was I thinkin'?

Anyway, the check out went good.....slow, but good! A lot of times I have to watch the check out people so they don't try to just bag 3 items per bag. I end up leaving with 30 bags in what could have been 10. Ok, sorry for the rabbit trail.....back to the story.

So, I've paid and I'm all loaded up. I have managed to somehow balance the crock pot box on the front handle of the buggy. Andy is no longer visible, but I know he's strapped in tight.....and were off to the parking lot.

About half way to my car items start slowing falling to the ground. I of course have to stop, put the crock pot box down, while delaying traffic to pick up my string cheese and lunch meat. So, as I'm hunched over gathering my groceries I hear a man's voice next to me.

"Can I give you a hand?" the stranger's voice says.

"Oh, that would be great. Thank you." I say.

As I stand back up and look his way to make eye contact to thank him further I notice something. And this is the great part.

The helpful stranger is actually smiling at me while handing me my string cheese with his hand. His only hand. The man literally only had "a hand" to give.

I'm sorry, but it took everything in me to not crack up laughing. It's moments like these that I'm glad my mother was not with me. She would have lost it for sure.

Note: My story, in no way should be taken as a chance to laugh or make fun of people with missing extremities. It was just the situation that presented itself.....I couldn't help myself.