Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fall back....flip out!

I do believe that the end of Daylight Savings is a mother's worst nightmare! I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure there have to be others who's children flip out around this time of year. What is up with this? There was a time when I got excited about this wonderful fall day. The thought of "falling" back made me giddy because I would actually get a free hour of sleep that night.

Well, those thoughts are long gone! These days, with three small children, I have to say I would rather stick a sharp object in my eye than set the clocks back. It totally screws up what I have been working on as a mother (especially one that loves to sleep) for the past year. I mean....I have a system! That system, which includes a digital clock strategically placed in my girl's room, can't help but get a giant kink in it when 7:30am (permission to leave the room time) feels like 6:30am. Not cool!

Ever since the crazy time change my kids have been flipping out on me. The waking up at inappropriate times, and being just plain grouchy! Every day, like clockwork, (no pun intended) the boy screams out from his crib at 6am. I try to roll over and pretend that I didn't just hear the cry, but I'm not one to ignore and just fall back asleep. Jimmy however, he is oblivious. Luckily, after a few minutes Andy will doze off again, and I can get back to sleep. But.....right when I do, and I'm off to dream land again, I feel this poking sensation on my side. Oh, mother's know the "poking" sensation. One of my two girls, most likely Emily my 4 year old has successfully managed to wake me up once again. I could get one of many questions after this. 1. "Mom, I need to go to the potty." 2. "Mom, can I get up?" or 3. "Can you get me some cereal?"

I would just like to know one thing. Why is it that us mothers are the ones that hear all the cries, or get all the pokes? Does God give fathers the ability to sleep through screaming baby cries at 4am, and some sort of poking repellant for those early morning risers? I personally, don't see the humor in it, but whatever.