Saturday, April 28, 2007

My other half is back!

Good news! I got my camera back on thursday. It was being fixed and I was worried it wouldn't get back in time for next week's big events. Also, being that I love taking pictures, it is nice having "my other half" back.

Today was a beautiful day and we started it off by going to my oldest daughter's soccer game at 9am. After, we made a quick trip by Home Depot to pick up some household fixer-upper items. I wanted some plants for my hanging baskets that I just bought.

I spent the rest of the day planting pots. It was very enjoyable....I'm not much of a green thumb, so pray for my plants. I do love seeing all the color, so I hope I can manage to keep them alive for at least a little while.

Oh, more big news! My little man slept in a big boy bed for the first time this afternoon. I took his crib out of his room for good. He's growing up too fast! Where did the time go? I'm posting some pics of him in his new bed. He thought it was so great!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Seriously! if we haven't had enough.


I'm so sick of the stinkin' snow. It's as if we are being taunted up here. We have hardly any snow for what they call the "snowiest" month of the year and then, when we think we have escaped it, and we are enjoying the great warm weather,......we get dumped on again!

I guess I knew it was possible, but I was mainly expecting more rain than snow this time. It rained all night last night (which I love sleeping too), but this morning we started getting the slushy mixture of the snow mixed in with the rain. Poor Peyton had to stand under her umbrella this morning while waiting for the bus. She didn't complain, she really kind of enjoyed it. Luckily, my wonderful neighbor let her ride with her kids to school. She is so much more on top of things in the morning than I am. I hate trying to function in the morning!
Jimmy actually came home before noon this morning because of the weather. I was glad because his car doesn't really perform well in this type weather. As the day progressed it of course just got worse. Right now, at almost 8pm we have accumulated somewhere around 6-7 inches of slushy snow.
I ordered some Belle themed plates and stuff for Emmy's birthday today. Hopefully, they will get here by her b'day next week. (Fingers crossed)
Also, did ya'll know that Oriental Trading had children's apparel. Who knew? I certainly didn' least not until yesterday. They were having a sale on some cute t-shirt dresses, pajamas and hoodies. I grabbed a few for the girls. A lot of it will be perfect for the summer weather. If you've ever been to Colorado in the summer you know that a great hoodie is essential.

Aren't they cute! I was actually really surprised! I got the girls each a hoodie, the blue one above and then a pink one with a hula girl on it. Plus, the orange striped t-shirt dress and some pajamas like the the ones on the right. So, I got 5 things for I think $30 bucks! Not bad, huh?

Ok, I need to go get my kids in bed. Pray we don't lose our electricity and that Peyton can go on her cool field trip tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm so excited! Tonight's the night! We've been waiting, not so patiently, for 6 weeks or more for the return of the greatest show on television.......HEROES!!!

I say all this to let you know.....DO NOT, by any means think it is ok to call me between the hours of 8pm-9pm (MTN time) tonight! I will not answer or give you the time of day.

Also, for those interested in becoming a fan of this awesome show, here's a word of advice: