Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's wrong with this picture?

It doesn't take too long to see what's missing from this picture. Can anybody say...DIAMOND! I swear I can't keep up with anything these days. If I'm not losing my child or my mind, I'm losing one of the most expensive things I own. "My Precious" ( in my best Gollum voice).
I was at our very first church softball team practice tonight waiting in the car with Chick-fil-a thrown all over my car, and my three kids in the back. I had told myself beforehand to take my ring off and leave it in the car so that it wouldn't irritate my glove hand during practice. Has anyone kept track of how many times my blog entries have included the words, "I had told myself."....or, "I made a mental note"? I myself have lost count, because it seems like I try to "tell myself" stuff a little too much. Maybe I should learn my lesson now and stop trying to remind myself to do things. It seems something bad always happens. Tonight was no different.
So, I'm in my car "reminding" myself to take off my ring, and next thing you know I'm on the field with my ring still on my finger. No problem right? I just decided to move my ring to the opposite hand so that it wouldn't get in the way of my glove. Great least I thought. Turns out that during practice I was running to get a fast ground ball and didn't exactly snag it as I was hoping I would. Instead, "My precious" took the hit. I didn't realize I had lost the diamond at first. I first retrieved the ball that had unfortunately gotten passed me and threw it back to the catcher. It wasn't until a few seconds later after I had made my way back to center field that I noticed my hand was hurting from where the ball had hit it. I looked down to see what was causing the pain and I saw exactly what you are all seeing in the picture above. FOUR PRONGS and NO DIAMOND! I couldn't believe it! How stupid of me! Why couldn't I just have left the thing in the car like I had "reminded" myself to in the first place? WHY?

We spent the last 3o minutes of practice combing the 5 inch deep thick grass in the outfield looking for the diamond, but to no avail we came up empty handed. I managed to hold myself together in front of my teammates, but broke down when I had to show Jimmy the empty prongs. He was great about it and told me not to worry and that we could get another diamond. But I don't want another diamond just won't be the same. I want my diamond back!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back home....10 pounds heavier!

Ahhh, back home. I had a great trip down south to see the fam. It was hot, but lots of fun! I managed to make it there and back without losing any of my kids or killing them.....not bad if I do say so myself. Applause anyone?
Well, before I left I had a blog entry that included all the wonderful food that my sweet southern home has to offer. I am now proud to say that I was able to enjoy each item on the list at least once. I enjoyed about 30 pounds of crawfish total. I only went 3 times so you do the math. My dad has a tab at Shane's (best crawfish in Shreveport) because he sold Shane some security cameras. I guess I owe my Dad and the existence of "high" crime in Shreveport for the many pounds of those dirty, but delicious critters! It was Heavenly!

I don't know how many Southern Maid donuts I put away during my 11 day stay, but I can honestly say it was not enough to tide me over to my next visit. I miss them already!

You can't go to Southern Maid without getting an icee too! I enjoyed quite a few of the wonderfully slushy treats. They just don't make them the same up here. I blame it on the altitude, because that's what I blame everything else on up here.

Ahhh, Nicky's! I love me some good mexican food! Is was only able to go to Nicky's once, but it was sooo good!

One of the first things I picked up on my grocery list down there was Blue Bell ice cream. I was amazed at all the new wonderful flavors. The first tub I went through was the one pictured called "Good Heavens". If you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend it. It has a mixture of Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Cookie Dough. Ummm, umm, good!

I have to say I was very happy with the fine selection of goodies, down there in the southern states. I'm never disapointed! Thank you to all the people that contributed to my gaining a good 10 pounds over the last two weeks. I will never forget you!