Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Surprise, surprise, and another surprise!

Have y'all been missing me? It's been a while since I last posted something. Sorry for the delay....it's been a busy summer.

I just finished celebrating my 29th birthday this past weekend. It was one of the best ones yet! My hubby, after turning 30 in May, and having the best party ever....thrown by mwah, had some serious expectations to live up to. I think it is safe to say, he met them....and then some!

I don't why it is, but I have been, and continue to be (until this past weekend) impossible to pull one over on. It is something I'm very proud of, but can also cause must frustration for my wonderful, very thoughful husband. Inevitably, no matter how hard I try, I somehow manage to ruin every surprise he has for me. But, this year was different.

About 2 weeks before the big day he informed me that "the gift" had been purchased so not to recommend anything or try to ruin the surprise. As if I would. But then, all I heard for the next two week was how much I was going to LOVE it! Talk about annoying.

As it got closer and closer, and after I had heard about 100 different crazy hints, I could tell that he was just as excited for me to open the present. So, two days before the big reveal was scheduled he gave in, and I got to finally see what all the fuss was about. I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened the unnecessarily large parcel in my living room. It was a Nikon D80 SLR camera.....my dream camera, right there in front of me. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing it is.....I LOVE IT! Just like he said I would.

I spent the next hour and a half drooling over it, while trying to figure out exactly how it all worked. All the buttons are a little intimidating, but I'll make since of it sooner or later. My wonderful hubby also bought me a great bag for it, plus the instructional DVD to learn a few things. (I'm a visual learner)

Later that weekend, as if the camera wasn't enough, I was surprised again with a babysitter for the kids and I night out with some friends for dinner. We went to a great Japanese Hibachi restaurnt (my favorite) called Mt. Fuji. It was really enjoyable and I ate a little too much, like always. Then we went home and devoured my birthday cake that the kids and again, my wonderful hubby made for me earlier that day. Two surprises and one to go!
So, my actual birthday was the next day. It was sunday morning, a working day for me...and I big one at that. We had scheduled our Fall Quarter Kick-off for the children's ministry that day, and I was one busy girl. Everyone at church was told to wear their favorite football team jersey to church for the festivities. I of course showed up in my #6 Cutler jersey!
After the morning events took place and everyone was packing up to go home, there was one last thing to do. My friend, Sean (the mastermind behind surprise #3) decided it would be cool to have everyone in a jersey take a quick picture in front of the church outside. I thought it was a great idea too, so I jumped at the opportunity. Luckily, I had a great new camera to capture the memory.
After everyone gathered together, Sean behind the camera (part of the plan) and everyone else, but myself in the know, we took a few pics. I was up front and squatting down, oblivious of the plan that had been devised. Then.... suddenly....and most surely another shocking surprise, I became very aware of the plan. So aware, so immensely aware....you could say I was submersed in it! They had emptied a gatorade cooler full of ice cold water on my head. What great fun for me! Everyone within a 2 foot radius of me fled, only to leave me dripping wet in the very cool Colorado wind. My hubby, not so wonderful at this point, came rushing toward me with a towel. I guess he was figuring that would get him off the hook after being a very sneaky accomplice in the whole thing (pictures don't lie).

All in all, it was great fun! I will however, like my hubby told the accomplices, get REVENGE!