Monday, April 24, 2006

Counting sheep just keeps you up!

Ok, it's late. 12:18am to be exact. I'm still up! What's the deal? I mean I know that I'm a night owl, but for someone that has to be all the way across town by 8:30 in the morning (all three kids too) shouldn't I be in bed asleep by now. You would think! But no, instead I'm sitting in my front room blogging on my computer.
The whole "counting sheep" thing is a crock! Has any body really ever done it? Honestly. I tried it once and it just postponed the inevitable! I don't want to count to 1, 539....I just want to SLEEP!
I don't know what else to blog about so let me just tell you what I did today.
1. My son woke me up at 6:15am. This is not normal. I hate mornings!
2. Finally got my son out of his bed at 6:53am. He wouldn't shut-up.
3. Layed next to my son in bed while he took his bottle. I slipped in and out of consciousness for the next 5 minutes.
4. Bam! Knocked on the head with the empty bottle. Good Morning to me!
5. Went down stairs to fix breakfast for the girls. Those Pop-Tart packages can be hard to open.
6. Listened to my son scream at me from his exersaucer while trying to get ready.
7. Gave him some cheerios to muffle the screams.
8. Picked up the last 10 out 45 that he decided he didn't want to eat off the floor in my living room.
9. Debated if I wanted to shower now or later. Decided later.
10. 9:15. Yes! Back to bed for my son. Don't you just love morning naps.
11. 10:30. Crap! Got to be at the ballet studio by 11:00.
12. Get dressed. Get girls dressed. Ah, man. Get the still sleeping kid dressed.
13. 11:02 arrive at ballet. Combining classes today. Not good, Emily cries.
14. Console my daughter for 20 minutes. Not working. Spank daughter for not stopping crying.
15. 11:24 leave ballet studio really mad!
16. Cool off period for Mommy!
17. Lunch
18. Play with my son. Finally, he's in a good mood.
19. Amazed at my girls ability to play computer games without knowing how to read.
20. 2:00pm. Another bottle. Another nap. Good times!
21. Girls in bed. Son in bed. Me in bed (yeah, whatever!).
22. Iron huge pile of clothes that I've been putting off for a week.
23. 3:00pm. STILL IRONING!
24. 3:45pm. STILL IRONING!
25. 4:00pm. Done.
26. Next. Put away clothes pile that is in the basement.
27. Kids wake up.
28. Start thawing chicken for dinner tonight.
29. Spill $10 worth of formula on the floor while trying to fix another bottle for son. Managed to save about $3 worth off the floor. Don't tell Andy!
30. More playing with kids.
31. Start dishwasher over again, because the first time the soap dispenser didn't dispense! Love that!
32. Cut up vegetable and chicken for my Cajun Chicken recipe.
33. 6:00pm. Jimmy's home. Relief!
34. Eat dinner. Make Banana bread for tomorrow's bible study brunch.
35. Bath time.
36. Pull out banana bread too early.
37. Put banana bread back in oven. Go dry girls hair.
38. Forgetting about banana bread in oven.
39. Oh, yeah. I forgot the banana bread. Run down to get it out. Almost burnt.
40. Finish hair.
41. Put Emily's recital costume on to take some pics.
42. Have talk with Emily about "ballet breakdown". Last one? We'll see!
43. 8:15 kids in bed.
44. More cleaning.
45. Download pics.
46. Do some blogging.
47. 11pm. Take shower. Dry hair. Curl hair.
48. Watch t.v.
49. Try counting sheep.
50. Not working. Blog.


Michelle said...

I had the same problem last Friday night, except I woke up at 4 in the morning and couldn't go back to sleep. I hate when that happens, and like you I came down to the computer to check out what was going on in blogland. Hopefully, you will be able to sleep tonight.

P.S. Maybe you should try Peyton's prescription remedy!! :)

P.S.S. Oh and by the way, you are right, counting sheep is a load of crap (excuse my french) it has never worked for me.

Jeffrey said...

When Im stricken by insomnia the only counting that works for me is counting the number shots of NyQuil I will be taking. Then... i usually dont remember much. That is until the horrific nightmare that consequently follows making me wake me up in a cold sweat and complete panic. LOL

Caci said...

Melissa, I am so glad to hear that your days are just as "normal" as mine....and I can completely identify with everything you have been through...especially the slipping in and out of consciousness part for only about 5 min...but oh are they sweet minutes!
Jeffrey...lay off the cold medicine! The doctor told you it isn't a solution for insomnia! HAHAA! Just kidding....

Michael said...

I'm with you, Jeff. I hate taking NyQuil or any other "night-time" cold medicine; they all give me crazy dreams.