Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good place to do some Hatchin'

Our home has become a good place to do some hatchin'! At least, that is what the neighborhood birds think.

Two years ago, we had the pleasure of watching a robin lay her eggs in our front door wreath. It was pretty cool, because we could open up the main door and get a good look at the baby birds on the glass door without bothering them too much. The girls loved checking on them every day.

Well, this year we have mangaged to woo two separate birds into building a nest around our home. One, the first, is in our backyard. Again, a robin has built a lovely nest on the top of our backdoor light. I was able to get a good pic of the eggs in the nest while Simon (our very tall friend) was here for Jimmy's birthday. Andy loves looking out the window to see the birdie. He looks up and says, "Yook, Mom.....a birdie.....tweet, tweet, tweet!"

The other nest I found the other day when I was watering one of my hanging plants on our front porch. A little bird, what kind I don't know, has found a lovely little spot inside my flower basket. There are no eggs in it yet, but I'll be checking on it in the days to come. If I spot any, I'll let y'all know.

Just today I was able to sneak a picture of the baby birds in the nest while the momma bird watched me from our back fence. It was a little scary.....the things I do for my blogger fans. I hope you appreciate my close to death experience. She did a few dive bomb fly-by's!


Caci said...

u r so daring and dedicated to those of us who enjoy your posts! Thanx for taking the risks for our enjoyment!

Michelle said...

We had the very same thing happening to us this year. One afternoon while playing in the backyard, I noticed a nest under our deck. A few days later you could see some tiny feathers poking up out of it. Then a few days later some tiny beaks.

The kids had so much fun everyday going out and checking on the chicks. Just last week they got big enough to fly off. Maybe we will have another nest next year.

Michael said...

Wow! You put your life on the line just for a pic of some baby birds for all of us fans in blogland. It doesn't really sound like you, to me.

Based on my life experience, I would have expected you to spot the momma bird sitting on the fence, talk Jimmy into taking a picture (after you convinced him that momma was nowhere around), and laughing hysterically while he was being dive-bombed.

C'mon, tell me that's not the first plan you came up with.

Melissa said...

Well Michael, you are correct with how I do things. The first pic of the eggs was taken by my friend Simon using my powers of persuasion! It was fun! I would have done the same if someone besides myself would have been home during the picture taking experience. Don't worry, I haven't given up my wonderful planning strategies......they're with me forever!!! MMMUUUUAAAAHHHHH!!!

EM said...

What better place to do some hatchin than at the Hatcher's???? Silly.....