Monday, February 05, 2007

It's my blog, I can whatever I want!

Just a quick entry to simply say, "I WAS RIGHT" and if you feel as if I'm rubbing it in......well, you're right, I am!


Michelle said...

I hate it when your quit rubbing it in!!!

P.S. Right about what???

Caci said...

what exactly is the title of this entry??? You can what whatever you want? You know I have to give you a hard time...but you are right, of course, you were right...about whatever it is that you were right about! Probably something to do with Heroes! Am I right? OF COURSE I AM! I am always right, too! LOL

Michael said...

You might have been right, but you still need to work on your grammar: "...I can whatever I want!"??? Is that like canning peaches and stuff? ;)

Evil Mother said...

I think it does mean I "can" whatever I want and in your case you better be careful because those Templins are pretty good at "canning" whoop ass...and "opening" it up, as well.

Melissa said...

When I say "I can whatever I want" that is what I mean.....I can choose to leave out words if I want.

Oh, and what evil mother said too!