Thursday, May 04, 2006

"Remembuh dat Mom."

"Remembuh dat Mom". These are words I've been hearing a lot least I think so.
Emily, my infamous "middle" child has come up with this little saying for me. Apparently, the more children you have the more brain cells you lose because I can't remember a thing! Poor Emily thinks that it has gotten bad enough to now make sure that I "remembuh" everything she says. I guess after the first 5o times of forgetting essential things like snacks and computer time she has decided to do something about it.
Two days ago she asked if she could play on the computer and do the "wurd thingy" (Starfall). I told her that she could play after she woke up from her nap. Well, she went to sleep, woke up and I'm sure was expecting me to remind her of the playing on the computer. WRONG! I forgot 2 minutes after she asked. So....the next day the same thing happened. Same scenario....she asks to play....I tell her after naptime....again FORGOTTEN! Well, yesterday this is how it went.
"Mom, I want to play the wurd thingy".
"Emmy, you can play as soon as I get off the computer. I just need to check my email."
"Ok, remembuh dat Mom".
Isn't it sad when your 4 year old has been deprived of something she's been asking for for days and the only reason she hasn't recieved it is because her Mom has officially gone CRAZY!


Michelle said...

Boy do I ever hear you. I actually have read somewhere that there is scientific evidence showing that women lose brain cells while they are pregnant. I forget the reason why!! HA!! So after having been pregnant $ times I just basically walk around all day trying to remember who I am and what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm surprised that I'm able to even function at all!! :)

Michelle said...

Oops!! I accidentally pushed the shift key down as I was typing the # 4. See what I mean?? I should be in a home. :)

Caci said...

I agree with you totally....I forget everything within 30 seconds of telling them they can have it or do it. I feel like the world's worst mom most of the time because of this...but then I realize that other moms are just the same!

Melissa said...

Michelle, you are hilarious! You have me rolling.
You think there is any room for me in that home?

Michael said...

This is reminding me of a story, Mel. Perhaps you could do a post on the time you asked your dad for french fries at the ballpark. He said okay while filming your mom's game, then forgot. It wasn't until we watched the tape later that you were vindicated against his protestations to Aunt Melony that he had not given you permission to purchase a snack. Does anyone else remember that??

Melissa said...

What is so funny about your comment Michael is that I was just telling Jimmy two days ago about the awesome french fries the Baptist Ball park had on their menu. I do remember the story you were referring to. You're right about it being forever on tape too! I'm pretty sure I had put away most of the fries by the time he found out though. A worse punishment would have been having to throw away a whole bag of the delicious fries before I had a chance to eat them. Whew!

Michelle said...

I think about those french fries from the Baptist Ball Park all the time. Yum Yum!! I have never had fries like those anywhere else. I still don't understand why that ball park closed down. The sales that they had in just french fries should have made them a fortune.