Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jogging "pays" off!

I was out on my evening jog tonight gazing at the beautiful sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains. We have such a good view of the mountains from our neighborhood. There is one area of my jogging trail that gives me a view of Pikes Peak. It is just so beautiful up here. On one side of me was the sunset and on the other side of me was the full moon making its way up into the sky. Ahhh! Ya'll are jealous aren't you? You should be! It is actually possible to jog a good ways up here without breaking too much of a sweat. Anyway, I figure by posting these pics and talking about the mountains enough I could convince some of you to move up here too. I figure my "powers of persuasion" must be pretty good considering I've gotten you all to start blogging. Come on, you know you want to!
Anyway, the point of this blog was to show you what I came across while jogging. Like I said, I was just minding my own business doing a little exercising, when I saw something on the ground where the street meets the sidewalk. As I got closer my heart started beating faster and faster. Not because I was about to hurl from exhaustion, but because I could see what it was. I couldn't believe my eyes. No, it couldn't be...or could's just silly....oh my gosh, it is....a $100 bill just lying on the ground. Of course I pick it up. Just when I thought life couldn't get better, I realize the stupid thing is FAKE! Can you believe it? I was ticked!
I finished running home, trying to beat the sunset so that I could go grab my camera and take some pics for my blogging viewers. It wasn't until I got home and after a re-enacting the money lying on the sidewalk for my picture that I noticed what it said on it. I of course, knew that it was fake from the moment I touched it but I couldn't help but laugh when I actually read the writing on it. Can you all make it out from the pic. For those of you with bad eyes, it says: "THE OVERWEIGHT STATES OF AMERICA. For anyone serious about losing weight....". The back even says, "LOSE WEIGHT NOW" right under whatever building that is on a $100 dollar bill. Anyway, my point is how ironic that while out jogging and trying to "lose weight now" I stumble across a piece of money that God knows I'm gonna stop to pick up, tells me that I'm "overweight" and I need to "lose weight"! Pretty funny, huh? I at least thought it was. The best I can figure is that some gorgeous, amazingly skinny, non-mother type is out driving around throwing these FAKE $100 dollar bills out the top of her BMW convertable knowing that us poor, digustingly fat losers that are eating styrofoam crackers and getting shin splints are gonna stop and pick them up. My mission is to find this woman and strangle her with my MP3 player cord. Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

You are hilarious!! The irony of the situation is truly amazing. Let me know if you find her and I'll fly out and help you torture her by stuffing the styrofoam cakes into her mouth, or better yet, maybe rich chocolate cake instead, to make her gain a few pounds!!! lol :) Oh, and by the way, the pictures of your neighborhood are beautiful, any houses forsale? ;)

Miss Missy said...

Did you try calling the # that is on the bill?? I wonder if it is a company!