Monday, March 27, 2006

My Little Pharmacist

My oldest, Peyton is a very bright child with a good heart. She is always helping with anything and everything I need to do. I actually don't know what I would do without her. Tonight she was so happy to have found the remedy for my lack of sleep.
For the past few weeks, Jimmy has been reading a chapter a night from the Chronicles of Narnia books with Peyton. Presently they are on "The Silver Chair" book 4. Anyway, tonight they were getting ready to start reading when Peyton caught a glimpse of a commercial on t.v. Jimmy had muted the t.v. while they were reading so when Peyton saw this commercial she raced to the t.v. to turn it up. Jimmy was surprised at her urgency. After watching the entire commercial she turned to Jimmy and said, "Lunesta will help you sleep! I need to tell mom." Jimmy, or course had no idea what was going on. They went back to reading the book. A few minutes later while I was giving Andy his bottle, Peyton interrupted her dad's reading to tell me her discovery. "Mom, you can get some Lunesta and it will help you sleep."
Now, let me say that I am not lacking in sleep any more than your regular stay-at-home mom. The best I can figure is that Peyton is remembering my comments from a few weeks ago when either I was sick or Andy was sick. I had been complaining that I hadn't been getting any sleep.
I can always count on my "Pey-Pey" to take care of me.


Heather said...

So, are you not a regular stay-at-home mom? :) Just kidding. What a sweetie that Peyton is!

Caci said...

Melissa, when I call your house at 10:00 am and you are still not up I Know you aren't lacking in sleep!! Peyton is so sweet to think about you though!!

Melissa said...

oh, please that was a saturday morning and it was such a freak thing for you to actually catch me sleeping in. i think that was the first and the last day i had been able to sleep late in months. months i tell you. and does it really count when your husband constantly comes in to ask where things are and kids come in only to tell me that they "need to go to the potty"? not too much sleeping was happening.

Caci said...

Oh! so your family treats you the same way mine does?? Good to know! I will let you off this time....sleep doesn't count when your husband is asking you questions and your kids are talking about going to the bathroom....but you know I had to give you a hard time about it since it did happen!!! i love you!